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Amos and Eli were out hunting one day when Eli all but fell into a deep dark hole. Hey Amos, what do you reckon this hole is? asked Eli.

Amos said it was an old mine shaft. How deep you figger it is? asked Eli. Amos suggested they throw in a rock and listen for it to hit bottom.

They did, but never heard it hit. So they decided to throw in a bigger rock. Still nothing. Let us find something real big suggested Amos. Soon Eli was dragging an old railroad tie out of the woods and the two Amishmen heaved it into the hole. A moment later, a goat sped past them and jumped into the hole.

What was that? Eli asked.

Looked like a goat, but I never seen one move so fast, replied Amos.

Shortly, an old timer sauntered out of the woods and asked the two Amishmen if they had seen a goat.

Amos told about the goat that had raced by them and jumped into the hole.

The oldtimer replied, That couldn't have been my goat. He wouldn't have been able to run that fast tied to that old railroad tie.

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