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Two explorers walking through a jungle stumble upon a tribe of savages, who promptly tie the two explorers up and take them to the chief of the tribe. The chief presents them with two options: death, or pungee.

The first explorer thinks to himself "Well, anything's gotta be better than dying", so he chooses pungee.

The chief then throws his hands up in the air and yells "pungee".

Suddenly the whole tribe (a few hundred of'em) rip off their loin clothes and all begin savagely fucking the explorer up the ass. Some of the savages take sharp sticks and shove them up the explorers ass. The raping goes on for hours, and when it finally ends, the explorer is left quivering on the ground in a pool of his own blood, yet still alive.

The other explorer, who had been watched in horror the whole time says "Holy shit, I'll take death"

"Very well then" the chief replies, "death... by PUNGEE!!!

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