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While hiking thru the wilderness in Bryce Canyon National Park, the atheist found himself to face with a large brown bear. Fearing for his life, he turned to run and promptly tripped over a root. He rolled over to find himself once again face to face with the bear, its angry jaws open wide and its hot breath bathing his face.

In a panic, the atheist turned to prayer. "Oh God, save me."

In an instant a warm glow came over the atheist and the bear, the fierce animal frozen in time and space as a gentle voice whispered in his ear.

"All your life you've denied my very existence and only now in your time of need do you call upon me. Tell me my son, why should I save you?"

Thinking quickly, the atheist responds. "I realize it would be hypocritical to ask you to save me, so how about you save the bear? Make him a Christian!"

After a pause, the unearthly voice chuckled and said "Granted!"

The voice and the glow faded away and to the atheist's amazement the bear sat on its haunches and began to pray.

"O God, please bless this bounty which I am about to eat."


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