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Upon arriving back at the church, the pastor sees Sister Mary. "Look at the big Son-of-a-bitch I caught!"

Sister Mary grabs her rosary and says to the pastor, "Father, please, such language isn't appropriate."

"No, no, Sister, its called a Son-of-a-bitch fish --- really."

"Oh!" says Sister Mary, "I'll take that Son-of-a-bitch into the kitchen and start cleaning it now." She does just that.

As she is cleaning the fish, the friar comes into the kitchen and sees Sister Mary at work. "I see you are really prepping that big boy well," says the friar.

"I'm cleaning this Son-of-a-bitch the pastor just brought back from his fishing trip."

"Sister, Sister, if you are so upset about it, I'll clean it --- just watch your tongue!" She proceeds to tell him the story, "It's a Son-of-a-bitch fish!"

"Oh," says the friar, "that's good." "You know," he continues, "the Pope is stopping by tonight for a bit. Why don't we serve him the Son-of-a-bitch fish? I will cook it in my special recipe."

"Great idea!" says Sister Mary. So the friar cooks the Son-of-a-bitch fish and when the Pope arrives, that is what is served.

The Pope begins to eat it, and starts smiling approvingly. "This is the best fish I have had in ages," the Pope exclaims.

"I caught the Son-of-a-bitch!" the pastor says proudly. The Pope stops eating, looks up, but says nothing.

"And I cleaned that Son-of-a-bitch," says Sister Mary. The Pope this time widens his eyes, but still says nothing.

"And I cooked the Son-of-a-bitch with my own special recipe," says the friar.

The Pope's eyebrows rise high. He swallows hard, takes a drink of water, then says "Hey, you fuckers are all right!!!"

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