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This kid is really failing at school, so his dad decides to get tough and send him to Catholic school. Even after the first day the kid's attitude has really changed - he's always polite, does all his homework and even asked for extra maths lessons for his birthday.

At the end of the first term the boy brings home his school report and his dad as astounded to see his son has got an A+ for maths. 'This is amazing son' says the dad 'what happened to make you work so hard?'

'Well...' says the boy 'on the first day of school the nuns said that they take school work really seriously. And if we didn't work hard - they wouldn't give us any lunch'

'So you decided to work really hard?' said the dad.

'Not at that point, I thought they were bluffing. Later on we had assembly and the nuns brought out a kid who'd failed at maths and they gave him beating with a stick.'

'So you decided to work really hard?' said the dad.

'Not at that point. After assembly they took us to our first lesson, which was math. One of the nuns gave us a test and I came last. After she read out the results she grabbed me and dragged me down the corridor. At the end of the corridor there was a little room. 'Here's where we put people who don't work at their math said the nun as she pushed me in.'

'What was in the room?' asked the dad.

'A tiny man nailed to a plus sign.' shivered the boy.

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