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A man is sitting next to the bar in a pub and he, "thinks I better head home now". So he gets off the chair to stand up and he just fall over, so he tries to get up and he can't do it so he thinks, "I'm to drunk to walk".

So he drags himself home, as soon as he gets to his front door he tries one last time to get up, but still no he can't get up. He opens his door and drags him self upstairs. Finally for the last time he says, "I should have sobered up by now to walk". So he tries to get up but no he just fell back to the floor. He just pulls himself up to his bed and falls asleep fast.

The next morning he wakes up with his wife looking over him and she says, "You were drinking again last night weren't you?".

"No, what gave you that impression?", he said.

She looked at him mysteriously and said, "Because you forgot you left your wheel chair at the pub again".

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