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There was once a man who lived way out in the Sahara Desert, thousands of miles away from civilization, with only his faithful camel and his tiny Oasis. One day the man got so frustrated that he decided that the time had come that he should fuck his camel.

The camel, being a very tall creature, was out of the reach of the mans dick. So he decided to climb onto a dune and then do the camel. But every time his dick was ready, the camel would move and the man would fall. Discouraged, the man went back to his tent, only to hear the scream of a woman.

He ran into the desert and saw a band of people readying themselves to rape the woman, he quickly pulled out his gun and fired a few shots into the air. This caused the band to get back into their car and drive off. The man then went to the woman and asked if all was well.

She replied,"Oh, my hero, you saved me, I will do anything for you".

"GGGGREAT, the man replied,"will you please hold my camel a second"

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