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A couple are about to have sex for the first time but the lady is a little shy. After much dancing around the subject she finally admits that she thinks her hole is too big for her man.

He tells her she's being silly and after much coaxing she agrees to show him. AND IT'S ENORMOUS!

The guy is so shocked he advises her to go to the doctors, which eventually she does.

When she gets to the docs she explains the problem and he's very understanding, saying a lot of women feel this way but it's mostly their imagination.

So she gets on the examination table and puts her feet in the stirrups. The doc takes a look and then lets out one long whistle.

"I'm afraid to say that is the largest female sexaul part I have ever seen. So big I can not imagine how it got that way. There must be a medical reason, but I can't think of it," he admits.

The women blushes slightly and tells the doctor she might have a clue. "When I was younger, I had a holiday in India. And while I was there, I, erm... had sex with an elephant."

The doctor was obviously shocked but he said "I know that an elephant has a big penis, but it's not big enough to stretch you that large"

"Oh..." said the woman sheepishly "I let him finger me first."

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