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One member of a wealthy family was invited to a friend's house for a business meeting. The friend was embarrassed but explained he was in need of borrowing some money.

Mr. Smith was agreeable, but he did require an endorser, someone who would be prepared to accept responsibility for the loan should the friend default. The man could think of no one. Finally he was forced to tell his wealthy friend that the only one who might believe in him was God Almighty himself.

The financier seemed to accept that, and he lent his friend the money, signing on the note, "Endorsed by God Almighty."

Some months went by and Mr. Smith's friend was back on his feet again, and he went gladly to pay back his debt. But at Mr. Smith's home, he found the rich man would not take his money.

"But why not," he asked as he patted his friend on his shoulder.

"My dear friend, he said, "the Endorser has already repaid the loan."

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