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Little Sally has a beloved pet, an Irish Greyhound called Paddy. Paddy used to be a racing greyhound but is now retired. He was taken in by a charity for retired greyhounds and Sally's mother took him home for her daughter's birthday. From the moment they met, Sally and Paddy were inseperable.

One day, while Sally was at school, her mother called Paddy in from the garden. She had his lead and muzzle ready to take him out to meet Sally at the school, something they did every day. Paddy was at the end of the garden but instead of jumping up and running indoors as his always did, he didn't move. Sally's mother called a few times more and then went to investigate. We she got to the end of the garden she found Paddy had passed away.

Now Sally knew that Paddy was an old dog and would die sooner rather than later but her mother was still worried about how her daughter would take the news. She decided the best way was to come right out and tell Sally straight "Paddy died today".

"That's okay," was Sally's surprising response when she her the news "it had to happen sometime" she added philosophically. Her mother was astounded at the calm way her daughter had taken the news, she asked how the girl felt. "Not too bad, we'll just have to learn to live without him. In fact, we'll have probably forgotten all about him by next week."

Stunned, the mother said nothing more about it and took the girl back to her car. On the way home they popped into he supermarket for some groceries. At the checkout, the mother spots a strong black box and says to Sally "We could take that box and use it as a casket for the funeral."

"Don't be silly," laughed Sally "Dad would never fit in there!".

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