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Never Trust an Indian

Barbara Walters was doing a documentary on the customs of American Indians...

After a tour of the reservation they were on, she asked why the difference in the number of feathers in the indians' headdress. She asked a Brave who had only one feather in his headdress. His reply was, "Me have only one squaw, me have only one feather." She asked another Brave, feeling the first indian was only joking. This brave had four feathers in his headdress. He replied to Barbara Walters, "Ugh, me have four feathers because me sleep with four squaw." Still not convinced that the number of feathers indicated the number of squaw involved, she decided to interview the Chief.
Now the Chief had a headdress full of feathers which, needless to say, amused Barbara Walters. She asked the Chief, "Why do you have so many feathers in your headdress?"

The Chief proudly pounded his chest and then said, "Me Chief, me fuck-em all, big, small, fat, tall, me fuck-em all."

Horrified, Barbara Walters stated, "You ought to be hung." The Chief replied, "You damned right me hung...big like buffalo, long, long like snake."

Ms. Walters cried, "You don't have to be so goddamn hostile!" The Chief replied, "Hoss-style, dog-style, wolf style, any-style, me fuck-em all!"

Tears in her eyes, Ms. Walters cried, "Oh dear!", to which the Chief replied, "No deer...me no fuck deer, asshole too high, and fuckers run too fast...no fuck deer."

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