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01 A Clitoris is a type of flower
02 A Pubic hare is a wild rabbit
03 A Vulva is a Swedish car
04 Spread eagle is an extinct bird
05 A Fallopian tube is part of a TV
06 It is dangerous to have a wet dream in an electric blanket
07 Vagina is a medical term for heart trouble
08 Fellatio is an Italian dagger
09 A menstrual cycle has three wheels
10 A G string is part of a violin
11 Anus is the Latin word for yearly
12 Semen is another word for sailors
13 Testicles are found on an octopus
14 Cunnilingus is a person who speaks 4 languages
15 Asphalt describes rectal trouble
16 Kotex is a radio station in Texas
17 Masturbate is used to catch big fish
18 Coitus is a musical instrument
19 Foetus is a character in Gunsmoke
20 An umbilical cord is part of a parachute
21 A condom is an apartment building
22 When you miss a period you can use a semi-colon

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