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Murphy had sadly passed away and as is traditional in rural Irish households they had a wake and it wasn't long before a serious party arose and all the mourners began to get a little drunk.

The local priest called to the house and was a little put out by the extent of the reveries and asked the widow Murphy if he could view the remains. Of course she had no objection and brought him upstairs to the bedroom where poor Murphy lay but was disgusted to discover a room devoid of all furniture with the man's remains lying on the bare floorboards..

"This will not do at all" said father Byrne indignantly. "Get me a chair for his head, one for his middle and another for his feet and we will lie him across the three of them"..

The widow Murphy went to the top of the stairs and shouted down to the revelers "I need three chairs for Murphy"..

And they all went, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray!

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