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Jim Bob went to a farm to visit his country cousin. He went into a barn to watch the country cousin attach the udders of a cow to the milking machine. The machine went up and down and milk poured out.

Jim Bob was fascinated. As soon as his country cousin left the barn on some errand, he decided to attach the machine to his penis to see how it would feel. Two hours later, the country cousin returned to find Jim Bob lying on the floor and moaning, "Ohhhhh. Let me out! Let me out!"

"Land's sake," the country cousin exclaimed. "What's goin' on?"

"Can't you see?" Jim Bob said. "I stuck my prick in your damned machine and turned it on. This is the eighty-ninth time I've come!! And I can't seem to turn it off!"

The country cousin scratched his head. "Jim Bob, I'm afraid I can't turn it off either. But don't you worry. We'll feed you and fan you, and the thing's only set for four quarts."

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