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After the little old lady's husband passes away, she buys herself a parrot to keep her company. Being hard of hearing, she teaches it to call out "Who is it?" when someone knocks on the door. Most of her callers find this amusing until the day the plumber shows up to fix her leaky sink. Having forgotten the appointment she's out so when the plumber knocks the parrot screeches: "WHO IS IT?" The plumber replied, "It's the plumber... I'm here to fix your sink."

No reply. He knocks harder. Again the parrot screeches: " WHO IS IT?". The annoyed plumber shouts," PLUMBER! HERE TO FIX THE SINK!". Silence. He pounds on the door this time. Receiving the same reply he screamed, " IT'S THE PLUMBER! I'M HERE TO FIX THE SINK!" and his rage sent his blood pressure so high that he fainted on the porch. At that moment the old lady returned and, seeing the prostrate plumber, exclaimed, " Oh, my god... that poor man! Who is it?".

The parrot screeches: " It's the plumber... he's here to fix the sink!"

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