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A man was talking to his neighbor and says "I see you are back from your vacation, where did you go?"

The man says "Me and my brother Bill went to paris, I saw the Eiffel Tower and climbed clean to the top, man what a view."

The neighbor asked "What about your brother Bill did he enjoy it as well?"

"No" said the man, "Bill couldnt make the climb he's crippled ya know. Next we went to Rome. We saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa I climbed clean to the top. Man what a view from up there!

"What about your brother Bill?" said the neighbor. "Did he enjoy the view as well?"

"No" said the man. "Bill couldnt make the climb he's crippled ya know. We also saw the Pope while we were there, it was great. Bill walked up to him and the Pope touched Bill on his right shoulder and Bill's right crutch flew away. The Pope touched Bill on his left shoulder and his left crutch flew away."

"My God!" said the neighbor. "A miracle! Did he walk?"

"No" said the man. "Bill busted his ass. He's crippled ya know."

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