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Did you know that the Pope loves to drive? Yes its true, and he has his driving license to prove it. One day, while touring America in the back of his limo, he decides that he wants to get some driving in. So he taps on the window, and asks the chauffeur if he wants to trade places. The chauffeur doesn't mind and the Pope sets off across the plains of Nevada driving the limo. Its an excellent sunset and enjoying himself so much he gets a lead foot and starts going faster and faster...

As you'd expect, next thing the Pope knows he's being pulled over by a state trooper. The trooper walks up to the window and asks to see his driver's license and registration. One look and he gulps... not knowing what to do next the trooper returns to his car and radios his sergeant.

"Hey sergeant, what do you do if you've pulled over someone real important?"

"What like the Mayor?" the sergeant replies.

"No, someone way more important."

"What like the governor?" the sergeant replies.

"No, someone way more important."

"Who in the hell did you pull over?" the sergeant replies.

"Well, I don't know who he is... but the Pope is his chauffeur..."

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