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The parish priest couldn't resist the pretty young girl. She was reciting her confession and it was getting to be too much arousal for him. He told her to come with him to his room. There, he placed his arm around her.

"Did the young man do this to you?" he asked.

"Yes, Father, and worse," the girl replied.

"Hmmm," said the priest. He gave her a long French kiss. "Did he do this?"

"Yes, Father, and worse," the girl said.

"Did he do this?" the priest asked as he lifted he skirt and fingered her bush.

"Yes, Father, and worse."

By this time, the priest was thoroughly aroused. He pulled the girl down onto the rug and inserted his penis, breathing heavily as he asked, "Did he manage to do this?"

"Yes, Father, and worse," said the girl.

When the priest had finished with the girl ten minutes later, he asked, "He did this too, and worse? My dear, what worse could he have done?"

"Well," the shy young girl said, "I think, Father, that he's given me syphilis and I went to the clinic yesterday and tested HIV positive!"

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