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A young Rabbi gets onto a streetcar and sits down next to an old man. The Rabbi pulls out his papers to work on this weaks sermon.

Just as he is about to begin the old man says, "Oy am I thoisty! Thoisty thoisty thoisty!" The rabbi tries to ignore the old man. "Vat I Vouldn't give for a cup of Vater? Thoiiiiiiiiiistyyyyyyyyyy!" "So Thoisty I am! A man lost in the desert vouldn't be this Thoisty. I vouldn't wish a Thoist like this on my worst enemy!"

The Rabbi realizes that this man is going to continue to kvetch until he gets something to drink, so he gets up goes to the end of the car and fills a cup of water from the dispenser. Just as he is heading back he decides to get a second cup of water. With water in each hand the Rabbi walks back to his seat and demands, "Drink this!

The old man drinks..."gluck gluck gluck gluck" "Drink this one too!" Just as the Rabbi sits down to continue his work, the old man says, "Boy, was I thoisty! Thoisty,thoisty thoisty..."

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