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10 More Reasons To Have Sex

1) Sex to Increase Energy - "I was living with a guy, and we were going to start a T-shirt business. We worked day and night to get it off the ground. We used sex to keep us awake and full of energy. My lover would fuck me, but not have an orgasm. So we would fuck six, seven, eight times a day just to get our energy up. The business was a big success, until I left him. Then it went quickly down hill."
- Nora Govan, Pot Dealer

2) Sex as a Gift - "For my best friend's 40th birthday, I sent her this very sexy, hot, 22 year old guy to make love to her. She said it was the best present she'd ever had in her entire life."
- Carol Sternhell, Modeling Agent

3) Sex to Wake Up - "I'm a very heavy sleeper, and I fucking hate alarm clocks. The best way to get me out of bed is to fuck me hard and fast for just a few minutes. A nice, wild quickie first thing in the morning, and I'm wide awake, baby."
- Robin Spear, Bartender

4) Sex to Cure Back Pain - "I hurt my back doing gymnastics when I was a teenager. Now sometimes my lower back really hurts. One thing I found that really helps is anal sex. I swear to God, it really works."
- Bubbles Delight, Stripper

5) Sex to Keep Warm in the Winter - "We like to go skiing up in the Catskills. If we stay in a cabin and there's not a lot of heat, what better way to stay warm than to make mad, passionate love? It's better than an electric blanket any day."
- Scott Chelnk, Writer/Editor

6) Sex as a Cream Rinse - "In high school we would try to get girls to suck our dicks by telling them that sperm made their hair real shiny. None of them believed me, but I'll betcha it's true."
- Michael Cyril, Costumer

7) Sex for Stress Reduction - "Some men like to go to the bar during lunch hour to relax. I like to visit my lover. Then I return to work totally relaxed, which lasts about an hour, because I have a high pressure job."
- Charles Lenhoff, Stockbroker

8) Sex as a Spiritual Experience - "Being so totally and completely in love with my mate, I find that sex can be a manifestation of godliness. When we connect, I feel at one with the Earth, with God and with Life. I feel so whole and complete and so holy and nourished."
- Rubin Howard, Nursery School Teacher

9) Sex for Exercise - "Sex is great for maintaining physical fitness. My girlfriend has really hard thighs from being on top. It's great exercise. She demands that I don't come until she finishes her thigh workout. And look at my arms. That's just from pumping nookie. It's good for the heart. You know, cardiovascular stuff. It's the only excercise I do, and I'm in great shape."
- Bob Dee Widder, Jewelery Salesman

10) Sex for Thrills and Adventure - "My boyfriend and I live dangerously. We have all kinds of wild sexual adventures. Last week, we were at the movies, and he was playing with my pussy the whole time. It was raining and we were under an umbrella with raincoats on. No one could tell what we were doing. It was exciting."
- Kitty Wichner, Dietician

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