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This guy was tired of fooling around with loose women, and so he decided he was going to settle down and get married. But he wanted to marry a virgin, so he came up with this little test. As soon as he would get the girl in his car, he would pull out his tool and ask her what it was.

The first girl said "That's a dick", so he sent her back in the house and left.

The next night he had a date with another girl and he did the same thing. She too said "That's a dick", so he sent her back in the house.

This went on for a while till one night when he got the girl to the car and ask her the question, she looked at it and said "I don't know".

This, he decided, was the girl he was going to marry, so he put his tool away and they left for their date. After courting her a bit, he finally popped the question and she said Yes. As soon as they got to their honeymoon suite, he pulled out his tool and said "Honey, there's something I want you to know. This is a dick".

She replied "No it isn't. A dick is much bigger than that and it's black!"

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