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There once was a man named John. John was deeply in love with a woman named Wendy, and had proposed marriage to her several times. Each time, Wendy would tell him that she would only get married if John had her name tattooed on his penis. John, feeling that this was a major decision, told Wendy he'd think about it.

One day John came home from work a bit late, having just gotten Wendy's name tattooed on his member. Her name was only visible while aroused, otherwise all you could see were the letters W and Y.

John and Wendy were married, and they took their honeymoon in Jamaica. As Wendy was checking them in at the hotel, John said he had to use the men's room.

There was this big, strapping Jamaican guy at the urinal beside him. John, being the man he is, looked over to check out the Jamaican's package. He was shocked to see the letters W and Y on his neighbor's member.

"Wow," said John. "You must be married to a girl named Wendy!"

"No," said the Jamaican. "Mine says 'Welcome to Jamaica, mon. Have a nice day.'"

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