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A young newly married couple hire out a chalet on a holiday farm with a view to spending their first days together in isolated bliss. They didn't allow for the amorous advances of the over-horny farmer who expecting to see a lot of "live" bonking, drilled himself a neat little hole in the wall with a view to spying on this unsuspecting couple.The farmer was very disappointed to find the young bride alone in her bed at night only to be woken by the return of the new man in her life in the early hours of the morning with a fishing rod over his shoulder and a bag of tackle under his arms.

This happened every night of their honeymoon and fearing the worst he decided to corner the young man on one of his nocturnal fishing expeditions.

Finding him down by the river he approaches him and asks "Excuse me, if it's not a personal question, why aren't you in bonking your wife on your honeymoon?"

"I don't want to", says the seemingly unconcerned fisherman "She's got Gonorrhea"

Recoiling with horror the farmer sympathetically inquires, "What about a blow-job?"

"Similar reason", replies the fisherman "She's got Pyorrhea."

"Argghhhh", screams the farmer in disgust "you poor thing."

"She must be good for a rear end job?" he asks putting his hand around the poor unfortunate newly weds shoulder. "No Can Do, Diarrhea!" he answers.

"What the hell did you marry her for?" asks the bewildered farmer.

"The Maggots" answers the fisherman casting his line back into the river.

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