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This tour bus stops at the pyramids and the tourists get off and start taking pictures. As the day wears on, one of them walks over to a camel driver and asks what time it is. The camel driver reaches up, grabs the camels balls, gives them a swing and pronounces exactly 1:45.

The tourist goes back to another tourist, checks the time, and sure enough, it's 1:45. They both got back and see the camel driver again. They ask the camel driver the time again. The camel driver reaches up, swings the camels balls, and says "exactly 1:53".

Sure enough he's right. One tourist offers the camel driver $50.00 if he'll show him the trick. The camel driver has the tourist sit beside the camel. The camel driver grabs the camels balls, swings them to one side and says "See that clock over there...."

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