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On the bus ride to work one morning, the driver tells this guy as he's getting on, "Man! You look terrible today!"

The guy replies, "Really?! I feel great."

As the guy goes into his office, his boss takes one look at him and says, "You look just awful this morning! Are you sure you're not sick?"

Again, the guy replies, "But I feel really great."

These comments get directed at the guy all day until he finally decides to visit the doctor after work. The doctor sees him and immediately says, "Geez, you look just awful and disheveled!"

The guy replies, "Yeah, I know, doc. Everyone's been telling me that all day. But I feel great...really wonderful. What's wrong with me?"

The doctor gets out his huge medical reference book and starts thumbing through it, talking to himself, "Hmmm...looks great, feels terrible... No, that's not what you have... Ah, here it is...looks terrible, feels great."

"What is it, doctor?" the guy anxiously asks.

"Well, it says here in my book that you're a vagina."

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