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30 Random Yo Momma Jokes

30 Random Yo Momma Jokes
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Yo Mama so fat the national weather service has to assign names for her farts

Yo' momma's so fat, when she last went to church, nobody would leave until she sang!

Yo' momma's so short, her homies are the Keebler Elves!

Yo' momma's so fat, she was kidnapped by a cannibal tribe, and they all died of cholesterol!

yo mamas so ugly your grandma threw her on the street and got charged with littering

Yo' momma's got one eye, one leg, one arm and one knee and they call her 'Uno'!

Yo Mamma's so fat she uses the whole country of Mexico as her tanning bed

Yo' momma's so toothless, when she couldn't eat an apple, she just gummed it to death!

Yo' momma's so ugly, she has to trick-or-treat over the phone!

Yo Momma is like a washing machine, I give her a quarter and she gets wet.

yo mamma is so fat she looks at the clouds and says I want the marshmallow

yo mamas so hairy she has afros on her nipples!

Yo' momma's butt is so big, she has more crack than New Jersey!

yo mamma so big she jumped in the air and got stuck

Yo' momma's so fat, the last time she saw 90210, it was on a scale!

Yo' momma's so ugly, she gives Freddy Krueger nightmares!

Yo' momma has one leg and says "I'll kick yo' *ss!"

Yo' momma's so ugly, the NHL banned her for life!

Yo' momma's so bald, even a wig wouldn't help!

Yo' momma's so grouchy, the McDonald's she works in doesn't even serve Happy Meals!

Yo momma so old she had math class with Jesus!

Yo' momma's so stupid, she worked in a pet store and people kept asking how big she'd get!

Yo' momma's so ugly, she's was a three bagger: 1 for her head, 1 for yours in case hers fell off, and 1 by the door in case anyone walked in!

Yo' momma's so stupid, on an application it said, "Don't write here," and she wrote, "Why?"

yo mama is so old, her vibrator is a pull start

Yo' momma's so dark, they made a movie of her heart transplant called "From the darkest heart of Africa"!

Yo mamma is so black when she went to night school they marked her absent.

Yo' momma's so skinny, I gave her a piece of popcorn and she went into a coma!

Yo' momma's so nasty, she's like Shaq - she don't fake the funk!

Yo' momma has green hair and thinks she's a tree!

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