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Top 20 Best Yo Mama Jokes

Top 20 Best Yo Mama Jokes according to the votes of our surfers.
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Current Rating: 4.52

yo mama so ugly she made an onion cry.

Current Rating: 4.07

your mama's teeth are so yellow the sun said thats my girl

Current Rating: 3.95

Yo' momma's so blind, she has one of her eyes stuck up her ass and she still can't see sh*t!

Current Rating: 3.92

Yo mamma is like a toilet bowl Round, Fat and full of shit.

Current Rating: 3.87

yo mamma so stupid when she went to ymca she said hey they spelled macys wrong.

Current Rating: 3.86

yo mamma so ugly, she looked out the window and got arrested for mooning

Current Rating: 3.82

Yo momma is so stupid she sold her car for gas money

Current Rating: 3.79

Yo' momma's so ugly, her momma had to feed her with a sling shot!

Current Rating: 3.72

Yo mamas so poor when I came home and asked her what was for dinner, she opened up her legs and said," tuna surprise!"

Current Rating: 3.58

yo mama is so stupid she tried to climb mountain dew

Current Rating: 3.58

Yo mama so poor, she chases the garbage truck with a shopping list.

Current Rating: 3.56

Yo Mama so fat she masturbates when she's reading cookbooks

Current Rating: 3.53

yo momma so fat when she sat at the back of the bus she made it do a wheely

Current Rating: 3.52

Yo Momma like a Nascar, she burns 50 rubbers a day

Current Rating: 3.52

yo mama is so stupid she stole a free sample

Current Rating: 3.5

Yo mama's so big, when I fingered her I lost a watch and two rings!

Current Rating: 3.5

yo mama so nasty she went to the fish market to sell her crabs

Current Rating: 3.47

yo mama so bald, she needed a weave to make naps.

Current Rating: 3.46

Yo momma like a ceiling fan, turn her on and she blows everybody!

Current Rating: 3.44

yo mamma so fat the asteroid belt isn't big enough for her.