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Top 5 Best Gay Jokes

Top 5 Best Gay Jokes according to the votes of our surfers.
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Current Rating: 3.27

Two gay men are beach walking, holding hands when a beautiful woman passes them. She's 5'10", 120 pounds 38-24-36, with a string bikini on and no tan lines.

The first gay man turns to his friend, sighs audibly, and in a breathless whisper says, "It's women like her that sometimes make me wish I was a lesbian..."

Current Rating: 3.24

Q: What does a gay man call his testicles?

A: Mud flaps.

Current Rating: 3.2

Q: How do you know if you are at a gay barbeque?

A: The hot dogs taste like shit

Current Rating: 3.2

I went to the doctor for a checkup and he said, "I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is -- you have homosexual tendencies."

"What's the good news?," I asked.

Doctor: "I'm in love with you!"

Current Rating: 3.18

A Jew an Italian and a black man are sitting at a bar, the Jew says, "Even though I was circumcised, my cock is huge, probably the biggest in the room".

The Italian replies, "You are friggin' kidding me, everyone knows there is nothing better than an Italian stallion, I am hung like a horse"

The black guys says, "You crackers are crazy! No white guy is ever hung like a black man!"

The bartender says, "Well, there is one way to find out, whip them out." So all three guys unzip and wap them on the counter. Just then a gay guy comes in and screams "OOOOH!!! I'll have the BUFFET!!!!"