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Gross Joke of the Day

Three drinking buddys meet in their local pub. One says to the others "How the hell were we so unlucky to all marry such sarcastic women? Tell you what, lets put a stop to it right now. When we all go home we should do whatever our wives say, however sarcastic". They all agree to meet the next night to see how things went...

The next night all three are sat in the pub each with a box on their lap.

The first guy opens his box and inside theres a dead Labrador dog. One of his friends says "what happened?"

The guy explains, "well when I got in I tripped over the dog and my wife said why don't you kill the poor animal!! So I did."

The next guy opens his box, inside of which is a load of smashed cutlery. He goes on to explain that when he got in he made himself a sandwich but dropped and smashed the plate and his wife said, "why don't you smash the bloody lot?" So he did...

The final guy opens his box and inside is a load of blood and gore. The others cringe and tell him to shut the box. His mate asks him what happened and he explains... "Well, when I got in my wife had gone to bed and I was feeling a bit horny so I climbed into bed behind her, slipped my finger in her pussy and she said "you can cut that out when you like"