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This man dies so his wife calls the undertaker. The undertaker arrives and she tells him her husband is upstairs. So he goes up with his assistant, coffin, tools etc. 20 minutes later he comes down and says, "We've got a bit of a problem, luv. It turns out that your husband died with a huge erection and we can't get the lid on the coffin".

"So what are you going to do?" she says.

"Well", he says, "so that your husband can be buried as a whole man we will have to amputate his penis and push it up into his rectum"

"Ooooh" she says, "well I guess you better go ahead then". 20 minutes later he comes back downstairs and tells her that everything is ready and would she like to have one last look at her husband before the lid is nailed down.

"Yes" she says and goes upstairs. She goes over to the coffin and looks at her husband all laid out nicely in his sunday best and she notices a little tear coming from the corner of his eye. So she bends down and whispers in his ear "It fuckin' hurts doesn't it"

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