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Two men were working on top of a building. Unfortunately, they were not allowed any breaks by their boss. Unsurprisingly, during the day one man had to take a piss so he asked his co-worker to help him slide a plank of wood out the edge of the building, then his co-worker could stand on the end of the plank on the building while he walked out to the other end and take his piss.

While the guy was taking a piss the boss rounded the corner and his co-worker on the building end of the plank stepped off and attempted to appear active. The guy on the other end of the plank fell off the building and died.

A police investigation had to be carried out, since it appeared mysterious that a man would fall from a building holding his prick. After questioning people who were around, only one old woman could give proper evidence.

When questioned she told the police that the man must have been having sex on the rooftop because as he was falling, he was crying, "Oh Lord the fucking cunt moved".

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