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A bear walks into a bar and says, "Give me beer."

The bartender says, "No way! We don't serve beer to bears."

"Hey, thats discrimination!" the bear says. To which the bartender replies,"oh well, thats our policy"

The bear says to the bartender, "You better give me beer or else!"

"Or else what?" says the bartender.

"See that girl over there, I'm gonna eat her!" the bear stated bluntly. "Go ahead. See if i care. You still get no beer."

"Ok, you asked for it". The bear goes over to the girl, picks her up and eats her.

"Damn man! What the hell are you doing?" says the bartender.

"I told you." the bear said.

"What, now you expect me to serve beer to a bear who is crazy and on drugs?"

"What do you mean, on drugs?" The bear said.

"Well, wasn't that a barbituate?"

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