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A man and a woman finally decide to get married. When she's moving her belongings into their new home, the husband sees a big trunk with a padlock on it. He asks his new bride what she keeps in the trunk, and she just says she'll tell him later, when she can trust him more.

30 years of marriage go by, the husband once more asks his wife what is in the trunk. He tells her that since they've been married for so many years now she should be able to trust him. She says ok & unlocks the trunk.

Inside there are 2 ears of corn & $25,000. He asks her why the 2 ears of corn are in the trunk. She replies that every time during their 30 years of marriage that she had cheated on him, she placed an ear of corn inside the trunk. He thought to himself... well, 30 years, 2 ears of corn, she's only cheated on me twice... that's not too-o-o-o... bad.

Ok...he asks...what's with the $25,000???

She says... every time I got a bushel of corn, I sold it!

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