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Three golfers were waiting for the fourth to show up. Always late, this bloke was much later than he usually was. Giving up, they ask a gent on the practice green if he would like to join them.

He did - and what a great golfer he was! Later, back at the clubhouse, the fellows asked if he would join them as part of their regular foursome. He agrees, and the say meet us here again tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. The new guys says "7, 7:15."

Next day the fellow shows up at 7 sharp, but to the amazement of the other golfers, this time he is golfing left handed! - where, the day before, he golfed right handed. Yet, he was a scratch golfer left-handed as well.

Back at the club house, the fellows were curious about his unbelievable ability to golf so well from either side. "So how do you decide which way you're going to golf?" ask one. The new golfer replied: "Well, when I wake, if my wife is sleeping on her right side, I golf right-handed. If she's on her left, I golf left."

"And what do you do if she's sleeping on her back when you wake?"

"Well, that's when I show up at 7:15!"

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