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Little Johnny and his father were walking along a river and they stopped to skip stones.

Little Johnny said "Daddy?"

"What is it son?" the father asked.
"Why is widdle Jackie so mean?"

The father thought for a moment. "Well Little Johnny," he replied gently, "poor Jackie hasn't had an easy life. Unlike you, he hasn't had a stable home life. Constantly having to change his name after being rejected by his foster parents and not having the circle of friends you have has made him bitter and he's lost his head."

The son thought for a moment. "But he's always tattling to teacher and blaming me and my friends for things he's done!"

The father sighed. "Well son, that's because he's so envious of you and your friends he blames you for his lack of success and not being happy. It's pathological and he's lost his heart."

Still not happy, the boy goes on. "Will he ever change?"

"Not likely, son. His bitterness and envy have eaten away at him for so long he's lost heart, mind and soul." the father replied sadly.

"So there's nothing left?" asked a tearful Johnny. His father gave him a warm hug and ruffled his hair. "Of course not, son."

"There's still the asshole."

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