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A mother, frustrated at her attempts to get any house work done with her 8 year old son Little Johnny constantly underfoot, handed him a bag of M&M's and told him to go outside and play.

An hour or so later, having finished the housework, she went to the window to check on Little Johnny, only to find him sitting on the front steps, the bag of M&M's in one hand and the cat in the other.

Curious as to what he was doing, she decided to watch for a minute, only to see her sweet little 8 year old pop a couple of M&M's in his mouth, bite the cat and move down a step.

Heading for the door to yell at him and ask him just what the hell he was doing, she saw him repeat the process: Pop a couple of M&M's in his mouth, bite the cat and move down another step.

She finally made it out the door and, yelling at Little Johnny, asked him what he was doing, to which he replied in his sweet little 8 year old voice,

"I'm playin' trucker, mommy! Poppin' pills, eatin' pussy and movin' on!!".

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