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A man and a woman are sitting next to each other in an airplane. All of a sudden, the man sneezes powerfully. He takes out his handkerchief, opens his zipper, takes out his Willy and after having carefully wiped it, puts it back in and closes the zipper.

The woman is shocked - but she thinks it wiser not to say anything and tries not to pay any attention whatsoever to this horrifying man. Then there is a second sneeze, as loud as the first one. And the same routine: Zipper open, Willy out, Wiping, Willy in and Zipper close.

That nearly makes the woman sick but she just tries to ignore the whole thing. After the third sneeze (and the routine) she cannot help but ask: "Excuse me, Sir, but you have now sneezed three times. And after each time you have taken out your penis and wiped it. May I inquire why?"

"Oh, you see Ma'am. Every time I sneeze, I get an orgasm."

"But that's awful! What do you take for it?"

"Pepper," answers the man.

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