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11 women, 10 blondes and 1 redhead, were on a hiking trip the Alps.

While crossing a rope bridge, the ropes snapped and all 11 women had to cling to the dangling ropes for dear life. The rope was really stressed from all the weight so and they all knew that someone would have to let go so that the others would live. After a few moments of silence the redhead spoke up and volunteered to let go.

She went into a long speech about how she hopes that the sacrifice that she was about to make would be remembered for all time because she would be sending herself to certain death so that more could live on.

At that she ended her speech and bowed her head for a dramatic pause, all the blondes are so touched by her willingness to sacrifice her own life started to cheer and applaud...

The redhead is now married to a rich older man.

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