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BECKHAM goes into a boozer and asks for a bitter
BARMAN says "Pint?"
BECKHAM "Just a Half" Then I'm off

Why is DAVID BATTY like a jigsaw?
They both go to pieces in the box.

What's the difference between BECKHAM and a Airfix model with no adhesive?
One a glueless kit.

What's the difference between a water truck and BECKHAM'S school teachers?
One's a water tanker, the other's taught a W***er

What's the difference between BECKHAM and POSH SPICE?
POSH SPICE doesn't kick out when tackled from behind

What's the similarity between David Beckham and Ferrero Rocher?
The both come in posh boxes

OXO have just released a special limited edition David Beckham cube.
They've called it Laughing Stock

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