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After dating for 6 months, a guy tells his girl, "Man, I'd really love a blow job."

She refuses saying, "You wouldn't respect me if I did that."

They eventually marry and, on their wedding night, the man asks again.

"No," she says. "You wouldn't respect me."

At every anniversary of their wedding day, he would ask again, but the answer was always the same: "You wouldn't respect me."

On their 50th anniversary, the man says to his wife, "Darling, I've been waiting all these years for a blow job. I ask every year. How much longer do we have together, anyway? You know I love you. You've got to know I'll still respect you. Please, do this for me."

She was touched by the speech and finally gave in. While she's doing it to him, the phone rings. The man answers it. "Hello?... hold on... it's for you, cocksucker!"

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