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One day the teacher decides to ask the class a math question. He goes "if there are three ducks and the hunter shoots one, how many are left?"

Little Johnny shoots his hand up to answer the question. Since Johnny was the first to raise his hand the teacher decides to ask him. "ok Johnny whats the answer".

Little Johnny goes "None!". The teacher was curious to know Johnnys logic and asks "Why?".

Little Johnny goes "the hunter missed and the other two flew away".

Surprised the teacher goes "You're wrong Johnny, but I like the way you think".

Johnny then says "Okay, I've got a question for you then". The teacher is like "ok".

Johnny goes "there are three women sitting on a bench and each have ice cream in an ice cream cone. One is biting the ice cream, one is licking the ice cream, and the other is sucking the ice cream. Which one is married?"

The teacher goes "the one that is sucking the ice cream".

Johnny goes "wrong! It's the one with the ring, but I like the way you think!"

Joke submitted by Scott

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