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God told man, I’m going to give you ten years of a normal sex life.

Man said, That’s not enough. The way I feel, I need much more.

God said, If I give you something, don’t complain.

Man said, But sex isn’t just something.

God said, Look, I’m busy. We’ll talk again.

God called the King of the Beasts to him and said, Lion, you’ve got twenty years of sex life.

The lion said, Ten will be enough.

Man said, Let me have the extra ten.

God nodded and said You’ve got it.

God then gave the monkey twenty years. The monkey said that ten would be enough.

Man raised his hand, God nodded and gave him the extra ten.

Before the day was over, God had given man ten years the donkey didn’t want and a final ten that the parrots couldn’t use.

That may explain why men have ten normal years of sex, ten years of lion about it, ten years of monkeying around with it, ten years of being an ass about it, and ten years of talking about it!

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