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One night Little Johnny goes to the bathroom. As he is walking down the hall he looks into his parents bedroom and sees the blankets going up and down. He says "Daddy, What are you doing?"

Daddy replies, "Playing cards".

Johnny says, "Who's your partner?"

Daddy says, "Mommy".

So little Johnny goes on to the bathroom. On the way back to his room he looks into his sisters room and sees the blankets going up and down. He says to his sister, "Sis, what are you doing?"

She says, "Playing cards".

He says, "Who is your partner?"

She says "My boy friend".

So Little Johnny goes back to bed. Well his father is thinking about Little Johnny and him being up in the middle of the night, so he goes to check on him. When he enters Little Johnny's room he sees the blankets going up and down.

Dad asks Little Johnny, "What are you doing?"

Little Johnny says, "Playing cards".

Dad says "Who's your partner"?

Little Johnny says to his dad "You don't need a partner if you got a good hand"!

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