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Walter is standing outside a condo in Miami Beach when all of a sudden he hears, "Hello, handsome."

He looks up and sees a middle-aged redheaded woman, naked from the waist up, hanging out of a window. And she's got some damned beautiful jugs!

She says, "Come on up. 14B."

Needless to say, he runs into the condo, goes up in the elevator, runs down the hall to 14B, and knocks on the door.

She opens the door, pulls him in, and closes the door. She's stark naked, except for bikini panties.

He can't believe it.

She leads him into the living room, not saying a word. She unbuckles his belt, pulls down his zipper, undoes his pants, and pulls them down to his ankles. She pulls his T-shirt up to his chest, and pulls down his boxers. He's got a boner like you write home about. She cups his hard-on in her hand, strokes it a few times, and then she starts SMACKING it, and says, Don't-you-ever-park-in-my-fucking-parking-spot-again-you-son-of-a-bitch!"

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