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It seems that Annie was born with a rather unusually large vagina and therefore has been unable to sustain any sort of long term relationships because even the most well endowed men soon lose interest because of her inability to satisfy them sexually.

So when a guy from the office whom she really likes asked her out, she decided to take desperate measures. On the way home she stops at the butcher and buys a lb. of fresh liver. She gets ready for her big date and slides that lb. of liver into her box hoping that it will take up some of the slack, just in case the evening should turn out to be romantic.

Bill picks her up, they go out, dinner, dancing, cocktails, have the BEST time, and sure enough, end up back at her place, have some great sex and fall asleep in each others arms.

Annie wakes up the next morning and Bill is nowhere to be seen. She sighs and thinks, "Oh well, I gave it my best shot, I guess I'm doomed to end up an old maid."

She goes downstairs to make coffee and finds a note on the kitchen table.....

"Dear Annie,
Thank you so much for last night! I had a really GREAT time, and I think you are WONDERFUL!
Sorry I had to leave so early, but I'll call you later and I hope we can get together again REAL SOON!
Love You,

(P.S. Your cunt's in the sink)

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