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So ol' Billy Bob gets all decked out for the barn dance (even changes his underwear) and off he goes. To his dismay upon arrival, he doesn't spot any single women so decides to get inebriated. As he stumbles out the door to go home, he passes by a pumpkin patch. The shapes of the pumpkins lit up by the full moon reminds him of curvaceous posteriors of women and gets him quite horny.

In his drunken state of mind, he decides to relieve his amorous desire by dropping his drawers and starts humping one of the pumpkins. At that moment, a cop walks by and, upon seeing him, yells, "Hey Buddy!! Whaddya think yer doin' with that pumpkin!?"

Billy Bob stops, thinks for a moment, and then says, "Pumpkin? Sheesh, you mean to tell me that it's past midnight already!?"

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