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Ten Signs you may be a loser:

1. Your social life consists of weekly visits to your shrink.

2. You spend an hour a day on a web site where your known to one and all (including the site administrator) as the Anonymous Whiner.

3. Not even your imaginary friends think your funny.

4. You think everyone is out to get you, but its only the people that know you.

5. You are so annoying even your multiple personalities won't speak to you.

6. Your first name is unknown to the public because of that incident in 6th grade that dubbed you "Stupid Thief."

7. Your imaginary friends keep finding reasons not to vote for your jokes.

8. English as a second language speakers are welcome to post jokes that aren't funny in their original tongue, yet you've managed to get kicked off the site three times.

9. You dog will lick his balls and his ass but won't lick your hand (unless he's just finished licking his balls and ass).

And, finally,

10. Your so angry at constantly being second best that now your not even in the competition.


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