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An Avon saleslady selling her products on the 40th floor of a highrise apartment building felt a terrible gas pain. Looking for privacy, she spotted an empty elevator which she immediately entered and pressed [1]. The doors closed and the elevator started descending. The Lady cut one that peeled the paint off the walls. It smelled so bad it brought tears to her eyes. She reached into her sample bag of Avon products and sprayed some pine scented room freshener to mask the terrible odor.

The elevator stopped short of the first floor and as the doors opened, A drunk staggered in. The doors closed and the elevator started descending once again. The drunk started looking around the elevator while sniffing the air and wouldn't quit.

Finally the Avon saleslady, hoping for a complement on her pine scented room freshener asked the drunk what it was he was smelling. The drunk replied: "I Don't know for sure lady, but I think someone just shit a Christmas tree."

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