Rules of sustainability for college students

You are a part of this planet and it is your responsibility to leave as small as possible carbon footprint irrespective of your age and profession. This becomes slightly difficult when you are a college student because of obvious reasons. However, there are many easy ways in which you can adopt an eco friendly and sustainable lifestyle during your college years.

Use very little paper

When you are in college, taking notes can involve use of lots of paper. You can go green by taking notes electronically on your digital device. You will also save money otherwise spent on notebooks. If there is no option, buy recycled notebooks. Also, do not throw used notebooks at the end of a semester without recycling them.

Save energy as much as possible

Make use of LED lights in your hostel room. Switch off fan and lights when going out of your room. Make use of natural light during daytime to avoid spending electricity. Change energy settings of your laptop to turn it black when not in use for a while. Stop charging of your phone once it has been fully charged. These are small steps but go a long way in conserving energy.

Keep house plants inside your room

You can keep green plants in pots inside your hostel room to not only improve its decor but also to have more oxygen in your environment. Greenery inside the room also very pleasing to the eyes and reduces stress levels.

Stop using single use plastic

Plastic is a substance that is not biodegradable and held responsible for damaging the environment. You can play your part in keeping environment clean by not using disdposable plastic cups and bottles. Buy a sturdy water bottle that you can use for a long time and also buy a ceramic cup or mug for coffee or tea.

Public transport is good for environment

Many students keep cars for their transportation during college years. They not only spend a lot of money on its maintenance but also on fuel. They can make use of public transportation that saves this fuel and thus their carbon footprint in the environment. You can take to bus, subway, metro, or even a carpool instead of your own car to play your role in keeping environment green. Walking and biking are not just good for your health but also help in keeping the environment clean.

Switch to herbal products

Dish washing and floor cleaning products available in the market are full of harsh and toxic chemicals. Similarly, beauty and healthcare products that are sold in the market are full of harsh chemicals that can potentially harm the environment. You can start buying natural and organic products for cleaning to keep the environment free from all these chemicals. For skincare, there are available beauty products containing 100% natural ingredients.

Consume more vegetables and less meat

Vegetarianism is good not just for your health but also our environment. This is because raising livestock increases greenhouse gases in the environment. Try to include more green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet and decrease the consumption of meat. You can opt for fresh seafood that does not pollute our environment.

Cut down on water usage

You can drink as much water as you want but try to control the use of water for other purposes such as cleaning and bathing. Water is a commodity that is under pressure around the world because of unethical usage of people. Cut down the time you spend under the shower and turn off the tap while brushing to play your part in saving water.