Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Jackson is waking up.  He is getting to point where he is staying awake a little longer and noticing things around him.  And everything is a treat, an amazing wonder.  As I watch him, eyes wide open, take in his expanding world I find myself looking around in wonder too.  As I do jazz hands above his head he stares at them as if they are the most amazing thing he has ever seen.  Every person that says hello is someone new that deserves to be studied and given a grin. The toys hanging above his head are carefully watched.  And his reflection is the favorite of all! I often wonder what he is thinking because he is concentrating so hard on all these new things.  It makes me excited too to show him all my favorite things.  The big blue sky.  A red tulip.  The ocean.  The sand.  Lightening.  A rainbow.  And I'm excited to see these things through his eyes too.  To see them again for the first time.  There is nothing like the wonder of a child to bring the child out in you.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Happenings

We have been busy, busy, busy here in the BWildered household.  Here's what has been going on:

1.  Last Tuesday Jackson got his first round of shots.  He cried, I cried.  He was a little cranky for a few days but overall we did good.
2.  Three days after his shots I took him on his first roadtrip.  Just me and the boy.  Unfortunately Hubby had to work.  The driving was fine, the staying somewhere else not so much. 
3.  Our sleeping is totally and completely screwed up right now.  I'm trying to get us back on a schedule but we seem to be really struggling with that because,
4.  I think we are going through a growth spurt.  The boy has been downing bottles when given them.  I'm hoping my body will catch up with him soon!

I've got lots of pictures to process and show you so I'm hoping to have all that for you this weekend! Have a good one!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nothing Small About Him

Yesterday was the boy's two month check up.  Here's the stats:

Weight: 12 pounds 11 ounces
Height: 24.25 inches
Head:  15.98 inches

Yup, that's a big boy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm a Gleek

Glee is back.  And if you missed I mourn for you.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Boy's Kingdom

Because I'm AWESOME and totally on top of things I just realized that I never shared with you the boy's room.  I LOVE it!  It turned out so cute in all it's Dr. Seuss glory.

We got the bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.  Orginally I had planned on doing his room in retro cowboys but then I saw the Dr. Seuss and fell in love with it!  I love to read and Dr. Seuss was my favorite when I was a kid.  So I'm bound and determined that he will love books too. 

As you can see we have a LOT of diapers.  Which is good.  And those white drawers are FULL of clothes given to us by our friends.  They have a little boy and a little girl on the way.  So because they had no need for the boy clothes they passed them on to us.  Awesome!

My pal Michelle gifted these paintings to Jackson after I decided what to do his room in.  Aren't they adorable?

All the characters on the walls came from my baby shower!  The adult rocking chair was my brother's and he gave it to me to rock the boy and the little rocking chair was mine when I was a kid.  In fact all the furniture was given to us by my sister.  Her girls used it and now we are using it.  It's a room built by our family for sure!

It took me forever to find a Dr. Seuss saying I liked.  But as soon as I found this one about reading I loved it!

Even the sheets of this bedding is cute!  I really loved how the whole room turned out.  I think it is adorable and just right for my boy.  It's bright and cheery and I hope it will be a place he will grow to love!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Two Months

Dear Jackson,
Two months ago you came along and turned my world upside down. It's been an emotional roller coaster so far but worth every single minute.  You have become my world and I can't imagine what I did before you!

My favorite part of the day is waking up to you laughing and talking at me.  Every single morning you wake me up with your laughing and when I open my eyes and look at you I am rewarded with the biggest grin.  You will just lay there for an hour and talk to me.  It melts my heart.

My favorite face of yours is your pouty face.  When you are really upset and you want to let me know you pull out all the stops.  We are talking pouty lips, crocodile tears, the works.  And I think it's adorable.  I haven't gotten a picture of it yet because I feel bad putting you down to get a picture when you are so upset!

You LOVE your bath.  That's your special time with Daddy.  You just lay there and he talks to you and pours water over you and you just smile and smile.

This past month we had you dedicated at Nina and Papi's house on Easter.  It was a beautiful day.  Two sets of your great-grandparents were there.  Your cousins and great aunts and uncles.  We all gathered around you as Papi prayed for you and for us that we would raise you to be a Godly man.  And that's what we really want for you.  

I think about who you will be a lot even though I'm enjoying my little snuggle buddy.  Even now as you are growing and starting to show your personality I pray that I'm doing all the right things so that you grow into a good man.

I love you so much Budder.  You are the best part of me.